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Écrit par Nicolas Vivant   
Mardi, 28 Août 2012 16:25

Today, Michael Shermer asked his readers about a UFO case. Here's our contribution to Michael's challenge.

This case was registered at MUFON with case number 41903.

Date : October 19th, 2009 / Time : 6:30PM / Location : Detroit, Michigan, USA

Shermer provides 7 pictures, including 2 helpful maps.

The explanation
A man is using a kite on the top of a building. From the viewer standpoint, and because of the zoom he uses, some may think that the "kite man" is just behind the stacks. He's not indeed. 8 pictures were provided. On one of the them, you can see a man on top of a building. The kite is flying around him.

People at have found out a solution which is much better than mine, and there's no man on top of the building. You can read it there.





Google maps can help to find the exact address of the kite man: 1462 Antietam Avenue, Detroit, MI.
Thanks to the date, time and exact location, we should easily find out who is making the kite fly.

Distance between the viewer and the stacks: 690 m. Total distance to the kite man: 1.31 km.

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A closer look at the building :


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